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Family Dentistry

Dr. Douvas has been caring for Chicago families for over thirty years. Children and their parents love Dr. Douvas’ sense of humor and lively office environment. Our family dental offerings include treatment for children, and family members, of all ages!


You should bring your child to see us for their first appointment just after they get their first tooth. This lets them get used to visiting the dentist and having someone’s fingers inside their mouth! It also lets us monitor their growth and development so we can address any concerns early.

We focus on dental education and prevention to help children keep healthy smiles. This means we combine lessons on proper brushing and flossing with regular cleaning and dental exams. We also offer fluoride treatment and dental sealants to protect your child’s teeth against cavities.


We can assist seniors and their caregivers with their changing dental health needs. People are keeping their teeth longer, so it’s important for seniors to continue to have regular cleanings and dental exams. We can also assist with teaching at-home oral health care for patients with decreased mobility.

Contact us today to book a dental appointment for your family.